8Stop7 "Satisfied" - Director
Aiden "One Love" - Director
Airbourne "Runnin' Wild" - Director/Editor
All That Remains "The Last Time" - Director/Editor
AM Taxi "EMI" - Director/Editor
AM Taxi "Fed Up" - Director
Audiodamn! “Light’s Out” - Director/Editor
Audiodamn! “Radar” - Director/Editor
Automation “Earthquake” - Editor
Avenged Sevenfold “Afterlife” - Editor
Bad Religion “Live At The Hollywood Palladium” (Long Form/DVD) - Editor
Black Veil Brides "Fallen Angels" - Director/Editor
Blindside "Pitiful" - Director/Editor
Blink 182 “M&M’s” - Editor
Bountiful Bounty (short film) - Director
Boxcar Racer "I Feel So" - Director
Budweiser “Neighbors” (Commercial Campaign) - Editor
Cady Groves “This Little Girl” - Director/Editor
Cauterize "Something Beautiful" - Director
Chevelle "The Clincher" - Director/Editor
Chevelle "Jars" - Director
Chevelle "The Red" - Director
Chevelle "Vitamin R" - Director/Editor
Coal Chamber "Loco" - Director/Editor
Coheed and Cambria “The Running Free” - Director/Editor
Combatant Gentlemen “The Endurance Suit” - Editor
Converge ”Eagles Become Vultures” - Editor
Clint Mansell Projections - Director/Editor
Craving Theo "Alone (No More)" - Director
Daughtry "No Surprise" - Director/Editor
Deftones “Be Quiet and Drive” - Editor
Deuce “America” - Director/Editor
DevilDriver "Not All Who Wander Are Lost" - Director/Editor
DevilDriver "Pray For Villains" - Director/Editor
Disney “Aulani” - Editor
Disney “Chewbacca Challenge” - Editor
Disney “Gift Of Disney Cruise” - Editor
Disney “Land And Sea” - Editor
Disney ”March Magic” - Editor
Disney “Tsum Tsum’s” - Editor
Disturbed "Down With The Sickness" - Director
Disturbed "Inside The Fire" - Director/Editor
Disturbed "Liberate" - Director/Editor
Disturbed "M.O.L." DVD - Director/Editor
Disturbed "Music As A Weapon" DVD - Director/Editor
Disturbed "Stricken" - Director/Editor
Disturbed "Stupify" - Director
Drop Dead Gorgeous "They'll Never Get Me" - Director/Editor
Drop In The Bucket "Henry Rollins" (Commercial Campaign) - Director/Editor
Drop In The Bucket “Goldfish” (Commercial) - Director/Editor
Drop In The Bucket “Madera” - Director/Editor
Drop In The Bucket “Under The Earth” - Director/Editor
Eagles of Death Metal "I Gotta Feelin' (Just Nineteen)" - Director/Editor
Fidelity Investments “Dance” - Editor
Fidelity Investments “Rube Goldberg Machine” - Editor
Finger Eleven "Good Times" - Director/Editor
Five Finger Death Punch “I Apologize” - Director/Editor
Five Finger Death Punch “Wash It All Away” - Editor   
Foo Fighters “Best of You” - Editor
Foo Fighters “Rope” - Editor
Foo Fighters “Walk” - Editor
The Fray “How To Save A Life” - Editor
The Fray “Love Don’t Die” - Director/Editor
Funeral Party “NY Moves To The Sound Of LA” - Director/Editor
Gaming Footage "Geisha" - Director/Editor
Godhead "Trapped In Your Lies" - Director/Editor
Godsmack “Speak” - Editor
Goldsboro “She’s A Runner” - Director/Editor
Gratitude "Drive Away" - Director/Editor
Hellyeah "You Wouldn't Know" - Director/Editor
H.I.M. "Killing Loneliness" - Director
Hinder “Get Stoned” - Editor
Honda “Respect The Van” (Commercial) - Editor
Invitro "When I Was A Planet" - Director/Editor
Jewel “Down So Long” - Editor
Keane “Everybodys Changing” - Editor
Keane “She Has No Time” - Editor
Kid Rock “Forever” - Editor
Korn "Deuce" DVD - Director/Editor
Korn "Fagit” - Editor
Korn "Let The Guilt Go" - Director/Editor
Korn "Tour Projections" - Director/Editor
Korn "Who Then Now" (Long Form/DVD) - Editor
Linkin Park "In The End" - Director
Linkin Park "Papercut" - Director
Linkin Park "Points Of Authority" - Director/Editor
Lit "Looks Like They Were Right" - Director/Editor
Live "Dual Disc Long Form" - Director/Editor
Live "The River" - Director/Editor
Machine Head "Crashing Around You" - Director/Editor
Marilyn Manson “Arma-goddamn-motherf**kin-geddon” - Editor
Marilyn Manson "Personal Jesus" - Director/Editor
Marilyn Manson "Running To The Edge of The World" - Director/Editor
Marilyn Manson “(s)AINT” - Editor
Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera “Nobody Wants 2 B Lonely” - Editor
Media Solution "My Soul Still Burns" - Director/Editor
Media Solution “Destroy Something Beautiful” - Director/Editor
Megadeth "Moto­psycho" - Director
Mest "Whats The Dillio" - Director
Metallica “Broken, Beat and Scarred” - Editor
Metallica “I Disappear” - Editor
MGD “Blind Date-The Cure/Hole” (Commercial) - Editor
Monster Magnet "Gods and Punks" - Director
Mumford & Sons“Hopeless Wanderer” - Editor
Muse “Time Is Running Out” - Editor
Natasha Beddingfield “Soulmate” - Editor
N’Sync “It’s Gonna Be Me" - Editor
Of Mice & Men “Would You Still Be There” - Director/Editor
Orgy “Stitches” - Editor
Oxide And Neutrino "Dem Girls" - Director/Editor
People In Planes “Falling By The Wayside” - Editor
P.O.D. “School of Hard Knocks” - Editor
Pop Evil “Boss’s Daughter” - Director/Editor
Queens of The Stone Age "Little Sister" - Director
Rage Against The Machine “Guerilla Radio” - Editor
The Rasmus "Guilty" - Director/Editor
The Resurrection of Officer Rollins (short film) - Director
Secret Weapons “Something New” - Director/Editor
Seether “Same Damn Life” - Director/Editor
Seether “Save Today” - Director/Editor
Seiko “Suspended Animation” (Commercial) - Editor
Shadows Fall “Inspiration On Demand” - Editor
Shurman "Drownin" - Director/Editor
Sick Puppies “Stick To Your Guns” - Director/Editor
Soil "Redefine" - Director/Editor
SpikeTV Thunderdome Longform - Director
Spineshank "Synthetic" - Director/Editor
Staind "Right Here" - Director/Editor
Static­X "Cold" - Director
Static­X "Stingwray" - Director/Editor
Strait Up "Angel’s Son" - Director
Subway “Sub-prise Party” (Online Campaign) - Director/Editor
Suicide Silence “Slave To Substance” - Director/Editor
Suicide Silence “You Can’t Stop Me” - Director/Editor
Suicide Silence “You Only Live Once” - Director/Editor
System Of A Down "Sugar" - Director/Editor
Trivium "Anthem (We Are The Fire)"
U2 “Original Of The Species” - Editor
Ubisoft “Just Dance 3” (Commercial Campaign) - Director/Editor
Valley National Bank - Editor
Videodrone "Ty Jonathan Down" - Director/Editor
White Castle “Slider-bration” - Editor
Zac Brown Band “Goodbye In Her Eyes” - Editor

MTV Video Music Awards

Best Editing ­ Metallica "I Disappear" (nominated)
Best Rock Video ­ Linkin Park "In The End" (winner)
Best Group Video ­ Linkin Park "In The End" (nominated)
Video of The Year ­ Linkin Park "In The End" (nominated)
Best Editing ­ Foo Fighters "Best of You" (nominated)

Music Video Producers Association Awards

Directorial Debut ­ Coal Chamber "Loco" (nominated)
Best Editing ­ Foo Fighters "Best of You" (nominated)
Best Editing ­ The Fray "How To Save A Life" (nominated)

Billboard Music Video Awards

Best Hard Rock Video ­ System of a Down "Sugar" (nominated)
Best Hard Rock Video ­ Disturbed "Stupify" (nominated)

Much Music Video Awards

Best Rock Video ­ Finger Eleven "Good Times" (nominated)