Editors Resume

Airbourne "Runnin' Wild"
All That Remains "The Last Time"
AM Taxi "EMI"
Audiodamn! “Light’s Out”
Audiodamn! “Radar”
Automation “Earthquake”    
Avenged Sevenfold “Afterlife”
Bad Religion “Live At The Hollywood Palladium” (Long Form/DVD)
Black Veil Brides "Fallen Angels"
Blindside "Pitiful"
Blink 182 “M&M’s”
Budweiser “Neighbors” (Commercial Campaign)
Cady Groves “This Little Girl”
Cauterize "Something Beautiful"
Chevelle "The Clincher"
Chevelle "Vitamin R"
Coal Chamber "Loco"
Coheed and Cambria “The Running Free”
Combatant Gentlemen “The Endurance Suit”
Converge ”Eagles Become Vultures”
Clint Mansell Projections
Daughtry "No Surprise"
Deftones “Be Quiet and Drive”
Deuce “America”
DevilDriver "Not All Who Wander Are Lost"
DevilDriver "Pray For Villains"
Disney “Aulani”
Disney “Chewbacca Challenge”
Disney “Gift Of Disney Cruise”
Disney “Land And Sea”
Disney ”March Magic”
Disney Tsum Tsum’s “Small World”    
Disturbed "Inside The Fire"
Disturbed "Liberate"
Disturbed "M.O.L." DVD
Disturbed "Music As A Weapon" DVD
Disturbed "Stricken"
Drop Dead Gorgeous "They'll Never Get Me"
Drop In The Bucket "Henry Rollins" (Commercial Campaign)
Drop In The Bucket “Goldfish” (Commercial)
Drop In The Bucket “Madera”
Drop In The Bucket “Under The Earth”
Eagles of Death Metal "I Gotta Feelin' (Just Nineteen)"
Fidelity Investments “Dance”
Fidelity Investments “Rube Goldberg Machine”
Finger Eleven "Good Times"
Five Finger Death Punch “I Apologize”
Five Finger Death Punch “Wash It All Away”    
Foo Fighters “Best of You”
Foo Fighters “Rope”
Foo Fighters “Walk”
The Fray “How To Save A Life”
The Fray “Love Don’t Die”
Funeral Party “NY Moves To The Sound Of LA”
Gaming Footage "Geisha"
Godhead "Trapped In Your Lies"
Godsmack “Speak”
Goldsboro “She’s A Runner”
Gratitude "Drive Away"
Hellyeah "You Wouldn't Know"
H.I.M. "Killing Loneliness"
Hinder “Get Stoned”
Honda “Respect The Van” (Commercial)
Invitro "When I Was A Planet"
Jewel “Down So Long”
Keane “Everybodys Changing”
Keane “She Has No Time”
Kid Rock “Forever”    
Korn "Deuce" DVD
Korn "Fagit”
Korn "Let The Guilt Go"
Korn "Who Then Now" (Long Form/DVD)
Korn "Tour Projections"
Linkin Park "Points Of Authority"
Lit "Looks Like They Were Right"
Live "Dual Disc Long Form"
Live "The River"
Machine Head "Crashing Around You"
Marilyn Manson “Arma-goddamn-motherf**kin-geddon”
Marilyn Manson "Personal Jesus"
Marilyn Manson "Running To The Edge of The World"
Marilyn Manson “(s)AINT” 
Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera “Nobody Wants 2 B Lonely”
Media Solution "My Soul Still Burns"
Media Solution “Destroy Something Beautiful”
Metallica “Broken, Beat and Scarred” 
Metallica “I Disappear”
MGD “Blind Date-The Cure/Hole” (Commercial)
Mumford & Sons“Hopeless Wanderer”
Muse “Time Is Running Out”
Natasha Beddingfield “Soulmate”
N Sync “It’s Gonna Be Me"
Of Mice & Men “Would You Still Be There”
Orgy “Stitches”
Oxide And Neutrino "Dem Girls"
People In Planes “Falling By The Wayside”
P.O.D. “School of Hard Knocks”
Pop Evil “Boss’s Daughter”
Rage Against The Machine “Guerilla Radio”
The Rasmus "Guilty"
Secret Weapons “Something New”
Seether “Same Damn Life”
Seether “Save Today”
Seiko “Suspended Animation” (Commercial)
Shadows Fall “Inspiration On Demand”
Shurman "Drownin"
Sick Puppies “Stick To Your Guns”
Soil "Redefine"
Staind "Right Here"
Static-X "Stingwray"
Subway “Subprise Party” (Online Campaign)
Suicide Silence “Slave To Substance”Suicide Silence “You Can’t Stop Me”
Suicide Silence “You Only Live Once”
System Of A Down "Sugar"
U2 “Original Of The Species”
Ubisoft “Just Dance 3” (Commercial Campaign)
Valley National Bank
White Castle “Slider-bration”
Zac Brown Band “Goodbye In Her Eyes”

MTV Video Music Awards

Best Editing - Metallica "I Disappear" (nominated)

Best Editing - Foo Fighters "Best of You" (nominated)

Music Video Producers Association Awards

Best Editing - Foo Fighters "Best of You" (nominated)

Best Editing - The Fray "How To Save A Life" (nominated)